• Automatic vision align (model based)
• Motorized camera zoom and focus
• Direct-View camera for monitoring setup and process activity
• Automatic tool changing and tool length measurement
• Vacuum board clamping holds board securely in place
• Laser height measurement for board and component
• Ionizer fan eliminates static from workspace
• On-machine, vacuum based debris removal
• On-machine board scanning creates a board image to be
used for process development
• Enclosure provides operator safety with door sensor/interlocks
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Paper: Rework of Underfilled Components, A New Approach >







Milling Overview of Component Shield, 40mm and 7mm Components

15mm PBGA Component Milling/Removal and Replacement (on milled site)


Example of Milling a 15mm PBGA with Non-Reworkable Underfill



Board Imaging Software accurately checks final component location.


Precision Milling of component. Direct-View Camera monitors process activity. Ionizer Fan and Vacuum System (not shown), eliminates static and debris from work area.




Upper Vision Camera System inspects site after milling is complete.




Component placement completed on AVX500 Platform.