• Automatic Board & Component Height Measurement    
• Automatic Vision Align (model based)
• Automatic Tool Changing         
• Vacuum-Based Debris Removal (on-machine)
• Board Scanning (on-machine, allows a board image to be
created and used for process development)
• Motorized Camera Zoom and Focus
• Direct-View Camera (for monitoring setup and process activity)
• Universal Fixture (holds boards flat & securley)
• Powerful, User-Friendly Software
• Machine Enclosure (operator safety with door sensor/locks)
• Welded Workstation (provides a stabile work environment)

Download Literature >
Paper: Rework of Underfilled Components, A New Approach >

Paper: Cold Underfill COMPONENT REMOVAL >
Abstract: Newly developed, dedicated purpose precision milling machinery simplifies rework. By Bob Wettermann.





Machine Enclosure provides operator safety with door sensor/interlocks,
and a Welded Workstation provides for a stabile work environment

Main Features:


(Left) Automatic, Multi-Point Measurement of  board and components height distance.
(Center) High Precision Milling with Zero Adjacent Clearance. Underfilled CSP shown in photo.
(Right) Advanced Cutting Tools, Side and Down View Cameras and Vacuum Removal System.



Milling Patterns are Easily Generated (software) to Remove any Shaped Part.


Universal Board Carrier for PCB Assemblies, Auto Tool Changer,
Touch Probe and Front Control Panels .



AVX1000M General Specifications:
• Maximum Board Size: 24" x 32"
• Machine Dimensions: 40"W x 40"D x 65"H
• Enclosure Dimensions: 50"W x 50"D x 70"H

AVX250 General Specifications:
• Maximum Board Size: 10" x 18"
• Machine Dimensions: 36"W x 34"D x 41"H
• Enclosure Dimensions: 46"W x 52"D x 54"H











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