• Ultra Precision Site Recognition
• Superior Alignment Speed & Flexibility
• Precision Target Site Imaging
• Maximum Sensitivity for Delicate
Part Placement
• Pixel Colorization of Pads for the
Ultimate Contrast
• Optical Zoom & Auto Focus =
Superior Image Quality
• Magnified Imaging of Micro Size Parts
• Award Winning Service & Support!
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Automated Robotic Pick/Align/Place/Inspect (shown on AVX1000)


High Speed Force Feedback Provides Maximum Sensitivity
for Delicate Component Placement.

Fully Automated and Configurable for SMT Rework & Assembly
• Pick and place, site clean, dispense
• 270˚ degree theta motion
• Pneumatic nozzle clamps hold large/heavy nozzles firmly in platform head
• Fiducial recognition
• Automatic tooling changer
• Custom platform head designs available




Unlimited Component Size for Alignment/Reflow

• 01005 to 50mm BGA
• Single and multiple field of view options offer superior alignment
speed and flexibility
• Laser pointer provides quick object targeting on large or small boards
• Nozzles for any size/type component




Custom Application Plate

• Waffle trays
• Tape strips
• Individual components
• Flux dipping




Board Scanning Provides an Accurate Board Background Image to Simplify the Selection of a Target Site.

Database Driven Process Tasks Allow Maximum Flexibility

• Customization of existing process tasks
• Unlimited capability for new process tasks
• New hardware peripherals can be easily configured

Dual Color Camera Interface Offers Unique Processing Options
• Pixel colorization of leads and/or pads
• Unlimited image blend adjustment provides maximum contrast for leads
and pads
• Alignment images automatically saved for later review
• Optical zoom, auto-focus features provide superior image quality
• Live digital zoom provides clear, magnified imaging of extremely
small objects




Site Clean Camera

• Moves with the site clean nozzle to keep the site pads in focus during the entire site cleaning process

Board Carrier and Air Knife
• Expandable and rigid board carrier and built-in air knife for board cooldown

Bottom Heater
• Dual zone bottom heater and adjustable spot heater


Site Clean Camera View



Performance Options
• Bottom Convective Spot Heater Assembly
• Board Cooling System
• Direct View Camera
• Head-Mounted Site Cleaning Camera
• Board Temperature IR Sensor with Laser Pointer
• Site Cleaning Package

• Four (4) additional Thermocouple Channels (8 total)

Tooling Options
• Standard Application Plate
• Two-Pocket Automatic Nozzle Changer
• Adjustable Component Insertion Tool
• 14 Standard EZ Nozzles
• Paste-On-Device Stencil Adaptor
• Ergonomic Workstation 42" x 72"
• Monitor Stand for Workstation

• Contact Air-Vac for specifications


Spot Heater Assembly


Board Cooling System (Air Knife)