Removal: Nozzle is positioned over the component. Everything else is automatic (nozzle height adjustment, heating, vacuum sensing, removal and drop off).
Site Cleaning: The vacuum sensor automatically adjusts to ensure that the tip does not contact the board pads.
Replacement: Operator aligns the component. Pick-up, placement, and all heating and cooling processes are automatic.

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DRS25 Options
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Repeatable Thermal Performance
Closed-Loop Temperature + Flow Rate = Total Closed-Loop Heating
• Upper Heater: 1000 watt high efficiency (patented) with PID control and integrated
cool air bypass reduces package temperature and controls joint time over reflow.
• Mass flow controller regulates precise heat flow.
• Preheater: Radiant IR panel bottom heater, high thermal uniformity, based on
proprietary design.
• Integrated automatic pcb and machine cooldown system; insures operator safety
handling pcb, brings system back to initial conditions for process repeatability
and aids in controlling joint time over reflow.
• Integrated pop-up pcb supports, pcb expansion control, and flexible position
pcb edge supports.




Closed-Loop Automation
Promotes Simple, Fast, Non-Operator Dependent Process Control
• Force placement control: load cell indicates actual (real-time) and target setting
(50-3000 grams).
• Motorized z & vision axis: component placement, pickup, flux/solder dipping, drop off.
• Vacuum sensor control: activates automatic component removal (eliminating solder
squeeze out). Site cleaning non-contact tip height is accurately monitored and
• Temperature-based preheat: regardless of machine or board conditions, the
non-contact IR sensor triggers when preheat setting is reached and monitors
throughout the process.




Accurate, Crisp Vision Alignment
Clear, Fast, Precise Distinction of Pads and Leads
• Leica inspection-quality stereo microscope
• Green (component) and white (board) LED's with independent intensity
• Zoom lens with up to 2.75" component viewing
• Adjustable viewing angle allows ability to see reflow




Proprietary Site Cleaning >
Non-Contact Vacuum Removal
• Vacuum sensor automatically and continually adjusts tip height and compensates
for variable residue solder volume.
• Closed-loop hot gas heats pads after component is removed.
• Non-abrasive, composite vacuum tip safely removes residual solder. Eliminates
damage to pads and solder mask caused by contact-based methods.
• Micro components utilize micro contact tips without affecting adjacent dense area.

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Micro Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits:
Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!

• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components
• Component specific Micro Tips for precision process operations




Robust Platform
Provides Continual/Long Term, Repeatable Performance
• Cast frame supports boad carrier x/y movement and vision alignment system.
• Precision vertical mechanism includes die-set bearings and high-grade shaft to ensure long term accuracy.
• Manual mode utilizing stereo-microscope viewing, nozzle design and robust thermal performance allows rework on proesses where
operator intervention is required.



Custom Nozzle Design
Engineering Design is Critical to Thermal Process Control
• Standard nozzles for conventional components
• Special nozzles for special attention to thermal control, joint temperature uniformity,
limitation of heat to device or sensitive areas and production concerns. Air-Vac has
designed and manufactured thousands of standard and custom nozzles for BGA's,
01005's, connectors, QFN's, sockets, and more.




Auto Profiling Software
Quick and Easy One Pass Thermal Profiling
• Simply set the target temperature and go.
• Preheat, soak, ramp, reflow, and cool down events are automatically run.
• After the profile is complete, then entire rework process (Removal, Site Cleaning,
Replacement) is built automatically and ready to run.




Life of Equipment Support
Free Phone Support and Software Upgrades
• Our ongoing technical service and process support is a major value-added part of our total product offering.



Standard DRS25 Systems Include:
• High Efficiency Preheater: 16" x 16" (5000 watts), 2-zone
• Board Size: 18" x 24"
• Top/Bottom Clearance: 1.0"/1.0"
• Programmable Board Cooling System
• Nozzle "Cool Air" Injection
• Desktop Computer (Windows 10), Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
• Thermal Tutor Software with Automatic Profile Build Function
• Leica Stereo Microscope with Zoom Lens
• Green/White LED Vision with Independent Top & Bottom Adjustment
• Closed-Loop Air/Gas Adjustment using Mass Flow Controller
• Real-Time Force Placement
• 8 Programmable Thermocouple Channels
• Maintenance and Verification

(Contact Air-Vac for other possible machine configurations)





Pivoting IR Sensor with Laser Pointer #1012.02.017
• Provides process repeatability by insuring that the board is at the exact same
target temperature each time before localized reflow begins.
• Operator is instructed to position the sensor at the beginning of the process.
• The non-contact temperature sensor monitors topside board temperature and
automatically triggers the localized reflow process once the target is reached.




Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits >
• Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components

> 01005 Rework Paper




Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA47R
• Mechanically self-centers any device for accurate pick up.
• Used in conjunction with Vision System Component Shuttle.
• Component range 6-47mm




Direct View Camera System #0025.03.016
• Provides operator with magnified viewing for component alignment or reflow at
board level.
• Camera adjustments include focus, zoom, and apeture.
• Includes camera/zoom lens, fiber optic lighting, 20" monitor, and boom stand.




Dippable Solder Paste/Flux Applicator Kit #FASET1
• Stainless steel fluxing pedestals with precision-machined depth provides controlled
application of solder or tacky flux directly to the solder spheres on the device.
• Includes 10 pedestals ranging from .001" to .015" depth
• Used in conjunction with the Component Shuttle.

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Paste-On-Stencil Adapter #0024.24.111
• Component specific micro stencil applies solder directly to the component spheres.
• Pasted device in stencil is placed in micro stencil adapter, used in conjunction with
the Component Shuttle to pick the pasted device.




Ergonomic Workstation #1003.05.010 (and options)
• Provides a self contained work cell environment for the machine and operator.
• 60"W x 36"D, sturdy construction with anti-static laminate surface.
• Includes CPU holder
• Monitor Stand option #1003.05.005
• Nozzle Stand option #1003.05.006
• Locking Drawer option #1003.05.007




Recommended Spare Parts #0025.00.040
• Includes heater element, solid state relay, vacuum filters, vacuum tubing, and nozzle o-rings.