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PCBRM15 & System 5.2 OPTIONS:

Stand Alone Preheater: PHS1500 or PHS4000
1500 or 4000 watt infrared preheater provides uniform heat to accomodate lead-free, tin-lead or high thermal mass assemblies... more>


Fast & Simple Process

Flow Well Heater Control Module: ST350
Independent power source maintains uniform heat on larger flow wells.


Flow Wells: FWLSTD & Cleaning Hoods: CHSTD
Set includes 23 titanium standard flow wells or 23 standard cleaning hoods... more>


Air Cleaning System: APS
Aligns component over solder wave. Applies air to lead pattern, forcing molten solder from the barrels.


Fume Extraction Manifold: 3005.02.040
Connects to a central exhaust or fume extraction system. Removes fumes and flux vapors for a safer environment.

Fume Extraction Unit: 1020.01.105 (not shown)

High suction force of 25" WC, three-stage filtration, HEPA efficiency of 99% at 0.3 micron. 185 cfm capacity, quiet operation. Connects to 2" and 2.5" diameter hoses.


Extension Assembly: 3006.01.010 (set of 4)
Positions the board 0.7" away from the rails when component is near or against carrier rails.

Nitrogen Inerting of Solder Pot: 4004.03.040
Nitrogen feed line inside the solder pot significantly reduces dross formation.

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