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Site Solder Cleaning Systems (All Modules)
• Standard and Micro Nozzles are available for complete removal of
residual solder
• Vacuum sensor automatically adjusts Nozzle Tip height, providing
non-contact site cleaning.




Rework Kits for Micro Components (All Modules)
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for Ultra Micro Components (01005, 0201, 0402, 0603),
and Micro Components (BGA, CSP, Flip Chip, Resistors, Capacitors)




Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA47R (All Modules)
• Mechanically self-centers any device for accurate pick up.
• Used in conjunction with Vision System Component Shuttle.
• Component range 6-47mm

Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA100R (All Modules)
• Same as above except with a component range of 6-100mm




Dippable Solder Paste/Flux Applicator Kit #FASET1 (All Modules)
• Stainless steel fluxing pedestals with precision-machined depth provides
controlled application of solder or tacky flux directly to the solder
spheres on the device.
• Includes 10 pedestals ranging from .001" to .015" depth
• Used in conjunction with the Component Shuttle.

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Paste-On-Stencil Adapter #0024.24.111 (All Modules)
• Component specific micro stencil applies solder directly to the component
• Pasted device in stencil is placed in micro stencil adapter, used in
conjunction with the Component Shuttle to pick the pasted device.




- Fixed IR Sensor with Laser Pointer #0029.12.040 (ONYX29)
- Pivoting IR Probe with Laser Pointer #1012.02.017 (DRS25)

• Provides process repeatability by insuring that the board is at the exact
same target temperature each time before localized reflow begins.
• The non-contact temperature sensor monitors topside board temperature
and automatically triggers the localized reflow process once the target
is reached.



DRS27 IR Sensor


Pyrometer with Fine Spot Laser Pointer #027.23.043 (DRS27)
• Same benefits as IR Sensor's above with the following enhancements:
• The sensor spot size is .16". The spot is not effected by height to the pcb.
Reduced reading area by 84% allows for more accurate pcb measuring
without interference of densely populated assemblies.
• The laser pointer is incorporated in the pyrometer, providing a direct target.




- Direct View Camera System with Slide Track #0027.15.011 (DRS27)
- Direct View Camera System #0029.04.044 (ONYX29)
- Direct View Camera System #0025.03.016 (DRS25)

• Provides operator with magnified viewing for component alignment or
reflow at board level.
• Camera adjustments include focus, zoom, and apeture.
• Includes camera/zoom lens, fiber optic lighting, 20" monitor, and
boom stand.




Ergonomic Workstation #1003.05.010 (ONYX29 & DRS25)
• Provides a self contained work cell environment for the machine
and operator.
• 60"W x 36"D, sturdy construction with anti-static laminate surface.
• Includes CPU holder
• Monitor Stand option #1003.05.005
• Nozzle Stand option #1003.05.007
• Locking Drawer option #1003.05.007



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