• 9 micron placement accuracy (0.0003”) @3 Sigma
• High volume rework
• Ultra-fast heat up for Lead-Free Rework
• Fast, controlled board cool down
• Process repeatability
• Uniform joint temperature






• Precision air flow
• Simple, fast & easy to use software
• Large, clear images for component alignment
• Components up to 3.0” (75mm)
• Micro site cleaning
• Solder dots or lines down to 0.010”





Lead-Free Requirements
• Powerful 2000 watt top heater.
• Infra-red (IR) bottom heating technology. The heating element provides extremely uniform preheat over the entire surface. The bottom heating panel is 19" x 19" and features four (4) independently programmable heating zones (6000 watts).
• Programmable cold air injection and linear air knife provide precise cool down control to optimize time over reflow.
• Interactive thermal profiling provides "on-the-fly" adjustments.

Seven Axes of High Automation
• Control of X, Y, Z, Theta, Vision Zoom, Vision X & Vision Y.

Multiple Field of View (MFOV)
• Automatically indexes the camera to the four corners of large components up to 75mm.

Automated Precision Component Pick-Up
• Multi-position pick capability from large and small waffle trays, gel packs, tape and reel, and single component nest.
• Precision Micro-Force sensing provides the extremely low force needed to pick tiny, fragile devices.




Proprietary Non-Contact Site Cleaning
• NEW Micro Tip Site Clean Assembly (#1015.11.059) with a high temp, non-abrasive, composite vacuum micro tip with an inside diameter of 0.063".
• Composite vacuum tip with automatic height adjustment, automatically compensates for variable residual solder volume.
• Eliminates potential damage to pads or solder mask caused by contact-based methods.
• Especially critical for removal of Lead-Free solder with higher reflow temperature and for micro site cleaning of small, fragile pads/solder mask. Programmable micro tips remove solder from small sites without affecting adjacent devices.
• Powerful heat and vacuum, combined with high efficiency bottom heating, can also remove solder from barrels of through hole and Mictor connectors.
• Conductive heating/vacuum tips remove solder from 0201 and other pads where convective site cleaning can not be used.

Visual MachinesTM Software
• Graphical user interface provides a visual representation of the board and component locations to the operator. One or multiple component sites can be reworked during a single cycle.
• Expanding component library includes ready-made process sequences and thermal parameters for
Tin/Lead and Lead-Free components.




Pivoting IR Probe with Laser Pointer #0029.11.041

• Provides process repeatability by insuring that the board is at the exact same target temperature each time before localized reflow begins.
• Operator is instructed to position the sensor at the beginning of the process.
• Laser point provides a visual reference to the center of the IR sensor verifying position over the substrate at the same location as profiled.
• Pivot function allows positioning on small boards without interference of the nozzle heating throughout the rework processes.
• Non-contact temperature sensor monitors topside board temp and triggers localized reflow process once the target temperature is reached.

High Throughput Carousel Fixture for Small Board Rework #0029.15.041
• Rework capacity and process control for small boards can be substantially increased by the addition of the four-zone, high throughput carousel fixture.




Automatic Tool Changer with Component Pick,
Prep & Drop

• ProvidesaAdditionalaAutomation &pProcesscControl
• Eliminates manual handling of hot nozzles
• Provides permanent locations & easy access for:
- Single component or multi-component pick stations
- Component dip stations (tacky flux or new dippable solder paste)
- Component drop off station
• Micro-force controlled component pick & prep
• Industrial grade steel design (each pocket arm weighs 14 lbs)
• Five pocket (#0029.14.010) or ten pocket system (#0029.14.011)


  Site Cleaning System #0029.03.012
• Includes Standard and Micro nozzles.
• High temperature composite vacuum tip eliminates metal-to-metal contact.
• Vacuum sensor automatically and continuously adjusts tip height, providing non-contact site cleaning.
• Various size heating noses and tips to clean virtually any site.
• Ready-to-use site cleaning programs for fully automated solder removal.
  Micro Component Rework & Site Cleaning Kits
Precision Rework in Four Simple Steps!
• Removal, Site Clean, Apply Solder Paste, and Component Replacement
• Kits available for various Ultra Micro and Micro Components

• Component specific Micro Tips for precision process operations

  Component Shuttle #0029.02.042
• Provides a safe, repeatable location for component pick up, flux dipping and drop off away from the heated work area.
• Eliminates manual component loading/removal in the heated work area.
• Software-controlled pneumatic shuttle enters the work area for pick up, flux dipping or drop off, then exits the work area.
• Shuttle-based component pick up and flux dipping is set and monitored with machine force placement system.
• Multi-location pick and flux dipping capability for multi-processing of small devices (custom tooling required).
  Direct View Camera with 20" Video Monitor #0029.04.041
• Provides high magnification site viewing including the ability to verify when component reflow has occurred.
• Operator is instructed to position the camera on the site. Focus, zoom, and lighting adjustments are made to optimize clarity. The image is displayed on a flat screen monitor.
• A process development aid especially for difficult to see tiny solder joints.
• Recommended for use in conjunction with the automatic site cleaning system to verify cleaning on dense assemblies and for the dispensing option to provide dispense inspection capability.
  Dipping Kit for Solder Paste or Flux #FASET1
• Superior to applying paste via component or board stencils
• Easier process, less operator involvement than stencils (consistent results)
• No component or board/pad coplanarity preparation issues
• No adjacent interference issues
• Excellent for extremely fine pitch, sphere or leaded size components
• One set of dipping pedestals replaces dozens of custom component stencils
  Ergonomic Workstation with CPU Holder #1003.05.010
Monitor Stand Option for Workstation #1003.05.005
Nozzle Stand Option for Workstation #1003.05.006
Locking Drawer Option for Workstation #1003.05.007

• Workstaton provides a self contained work cell environment for the machine and operator. Dimensions are 60"W X 36"D. Very sturdy construction with anti-static laminate surface. (Workstation includes CPU holder, everything else is an add on option).
  Universal Insertion Tool #AU6LGA47R
• Mechanically self-centers any device for accurate pick-up. Used in conjunction with the automatic component shuttle.
70mm (2.75") Topside Clearance #0029.01.052(standard is 30mm)
• Provides increased top side clearance for assemblies with vertical daughter cards or tall devices that exceed the standard 30mm (1.2”) top side clearance.

Fume Extraction Manifold #300.00.547
• Removes flux vapors for operator health and safety.
• Includes fume extraction manifold and hose assembly.
• Requires connection to a central exhaust or self-contained filtering system.

Four Additional Thermocouple Ports #300.00.504

Thermocouple Organizer #0024.90.047