The most cost effective choice for lead-free
and tin lead through hole rework and selective soldering
PCBRM15 Through Hole Rework
  PCBRM System 5.2/5.2DSP
Same features as the PCBRM15 module but add
a flexible preheat area for extra large boards up
to 20" x 20".
PCBRM System Through Hole Rework
Advanced rework for minimal copper dissolution
of PTH components on extra-large, high thermal mass assemblies.
PCBRM System Through Hole Rework

PHS1500/4000 Preheaters
Greatly improve rework for hand tools and mini wave modules. Great for lead-free or heat sink assemblies.
PHS PCB Preheater


Flow Well Tooling
Flow Wells match the lead pattern and determine the size, shape and direction of solder flow on PCBRM models.
Through Hole Rework Flow Wells