DRS24 Upgrade Programs


DRS25 Upgrade

DRS ONYX Upgrade




PCBRM Trade In


1 - Product Improvement
Your DRS24 is upgraded to a DRS25
Air-Vac will convert your DRS24 to a Lead-Free DRS25 with New Technology, New Electrical and New Mechanical Systems. Your base casting, z-axis/nozzle heater assembly, vision system and x-y table will be used - Everything else is new!

NEW High Efficiency 16x16” IR Preheater (5000 watts)
NEW Programmable Board Cooling System
NEW Complete Electronics Control System
NEW Nozzle “Cool Air” Injection
NEW Desktop Computer (Windows XP), Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse
NEW Enhanced Board Carrier (18”x24”)
NEW Thermal Tutor Software w/Automatic Profile Build Function

2 - Trade-In Value
Return your DRS24 for credit towards the purchase of a DRS27 or ONYX29

- Unparalleled Precision and Flexibility in SMT Rework and Assembly
- State-of-the-art Vision System
- Consistent, Precision Vision Alignment
- Automatic Component Pick and Place
- Enhanced Force Placement
- Programmable Cool Down

- Advanced Robotic SMT Rework and Assembly
- 9 Micron Placement Accuracy (0.0003") @ 3 Sigma
- Ultra-fast heat up for Lead-Free Rework
- Fast, Controlled Board Cool Down
- Process Repeatability
- Uniform Joint Temperature




3 - Trade-In Value
Return your DRS24 for credit towards the purchase of a PCBRM15 or
PCBRM System 5.2

- Lead-Free Selective Through-Hole Soldering for Thermally Challenging Assemblies
- Minimal Copper Dissolution and Board Delamination
- Fast and Uniform Heating
- Precise Operating Controls and Alignment System
- Product Reliability, Simple Design, Trouble-Free Operation

PCBRM System 5.2
- Low Volume Automated Selective Through-Hole Soldering
- All the Features and Benefits of the PCBRM15 with the addition of a Two-Zone
18" x 24" Preheater (6500 watts) and a Non-Contact Temperature Sensor



4 - If you are fully satisfied with your DRS24 we appreciate your business
and are available for support.

If you have questions regarding other options for your DRS24, no longer have use for your DRS24, or are interested in any of the above special offers, please call us at 1-203-888-9000 or e-mail airvac@air-vac-eng.com