Flow Wells - PCBRM
Through Hole Selective Soldering & Desoldering
  Flow Wells for Selective Soldering



Lead-Free & Standard Selective Soldering
Commercial pure titanium flow wells are required for Lead-Free soldering. The PCBRM15 module is Air-Vac's Lead-Free Selective Soldering module. For standard tin/lead selective soldering, contact Air-Vac.

Flow Wells Determine the Size, Shape & Direction of the Solder Flow
Wave configuration is a critical factor in the reflow desoldering and resoldering operation. Flow wells determine the solder wave, which matches the component lead pattern. The solder flow can be accurately directed away from adjacent components to limit heat exposure to sensitive areas of the assembly.

The corresponding air cleaning hood is used to position the component over the flow well. The overarm assembly descends perpendicular to the PCB and retracts after alignment. As part of the hole cleaning system, the hood directs low-pressure air against the lead pattern, forcing molten solder to drop from the holes into the empty flow well.

Custom Designed Flow Wells are Air-Vac's Specialty
Contact Air-Vac about specially designed flow wells for your application.

Popular Flow Wells and Cleaning Hoods
Air-Vac continues to provide tooling solutions for todays most intricate applications. If you do not see a flow well that meets your application requirements, please contact Air-Vac.

Flow Well Chart


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