Equipment Leasing

Air-Vac Engineering offers equipment leasing opportunities through LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc. With more than 3 decades of industry experience,
the LEAF team can design the perfect equipment financing solutions for you. By blending state-of-the-art tehnology with industry leading customer service,
LEAF turns equipment financing into a powerful strategic advantage for your business. LEAF will help you shorten the buying cycle, accelerate sales and
lower your account receivables.


Current Promotions:
  • Promo – Customers can choose up to 120 days deferred payment! Meaning they could purchase now and have NO down-payment or payment until 2019!
  • Promo – 10/12/0 or 10/18/0 on purchases $15,000 or more! Meaning it would only be 10% down, a 12 or 18 month term and we get your customers locked into a 0% interest rate! & now that the Federal rates keep rising, this is definitely something your customers should consider!
  • Promo – 5/12/0 on purchases of $50,000 or more! – 5% down, 12 month term, 0% interest!
  • Promo - 5/18/0 on purchases of $75,000 or more! – 5% down, 18 month term, 0% interest!
If there’s anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Tiesha Cropp
Account Executive, Diversified Markets
877.859.0191 Office
215.640.6321 Fax

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