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>DRS27 Site Clean Nozzles


>ONYX29 Options
>ONYX29 Paste/Flux Dip Kit
>ONYX29 Tool Changer
>ONYX29 Site Clean Nozzle
>ONYX29 Micro & Standard Site Clean Nozzle Guide




>PCBRM System 5.2
>PCBRM Flow Wells
>PCBRM Fume Extraction

>PHS1500/4000 Preheaters




Abstract: Newly developed, dedicated purpose precision milling machinery simplifies rework. By Bob Wettermann.

>Rework of Underfilled Components, A New Approach
Abstract: This paper describes an alternate process for reworking underfilled components that provide machine-based process control and eliminates the non-repeatable, manual processes that are currently in use.

>01005 Rework Article
Abstract: The Man/Machine Rework Interface (MMRI) on the DRS25 provides significant advantages over both hand soldering and beamsplitter-based machine rework.

>Dippable Solder Paste Paper

Abstract: This paper is an examination of the process feasibility, solder joint reliability, and materials/process compatibility of a dippable solder paste material for an area array component rework/repair process.

>Advanced Through-Hole Rework Paper
Abstract: The main objectives of this paper is to outline the reasons why the mini-pot is receiving so much attention and technical analysis in regard to lead-free PTH rework.




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