Used Equipment

For Budget-Concious Customers who require the Best Rework Solutions available.

Please contact Air-Vac on the availability of used equipment for sale at reduced pricing.



DRS27T: The Industry Standard for BGA/SMT Rework on Large, High Thermal Mass Assemblies.

(ACTUAL photo, click here for details and pricing)



ONYX29: High Level of Automation & Placement Rework.

(SAMPLE photo only, contact Air-Vac for availability)


PCBRM15: Mini-Pot for Through-Hole Rework and Selective Soldering.

(SAMPLE photo only, contact Air-Vac for availability

PCBRM System 5.2: Top/Bottom Preheater and Mini-Pot for Through-Hole Rework and Selective Soldering on
High Thermal Mass Assemblies. Board Preheat Reduces Solder Contact Time which Reduces Copper Dissolution.

(SAMPLE photo only, contact Air-Vac for availability)

Please contact me for further information on our used equipment.


Brian Czaplicki
Director of Marketing & Sales
Air-Vac Engineering
203.888.9900 (dial 0 and have me paged)





Please note: any machines not purchased directly from Air-Vac are not eligible to receive phone or field support or service from Air-Vac Engineering.
The equipment will be required to be returned to Air-Vac for registration and repair if required. A one-time non-refundable fee is required for this registration process.

Contact Air-Vac with model number and serial number of the machine to determine eligibility and a detailed quote.

Due to age and end of life conditions for some machine models, the machine may not be eligible for registration. Contact Air-Vac.