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The PCBRM15 Module is the Standard for
Lead-Free/Tin Lead Selective Soldering and Desoldering.

The PCBRM System 5.2 adds a Powerful Preheater for Thermally Challenging Assemblies, an Extended Board Carrier,
and a Base Plate.

The PCBRM100 System is for Advanced Through-Hole Rework on Extra Large, High Thermal Mass Assemblies.

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Fast & Simple Operation
• Simply insert board and run cycle.
• High pin count leads are heated simultaneously.

• Quick removal, increased production: hole cleaning
and soldering averages 5-15 seconds!

Simple Procedure (PCBRM System 5.2)
• Board is placed in carrier and slid into preheater (not
shown in video). A temperature sensor tone indicates
when the preheat temperature is reached.
• Board is slid back into solder module to a set position.
• The module is activated and the dwell time (5-10
seconds) is automatically controlled.


Repeatable Process Control
Temperature Time Flow Rate
• Process parameters are set - dwell time, flow rate, temperature
and heated area.
• Reduced operator responsibility for safe selective soldering or
removal on the most delicate or thermally challenging assemblies.
• High thermal mass (molten solder) equates to low operating
• Operator intervention is minimized - no pressing tips or overheating
solder mask or pads.

Preheater Module (PCBRM System 5.2)
• Each zone has a closed-loop temperature control system, accurate
to within 1% of full scale.
• Mounted on a rail slide to allow front and back positioning.
• A front mounted safety guard is provided.

Board Temperature Sensor (PCBRM System 5.2)
• A thermocouple is attached to the board and the temp is digitally displayed.
• When the preheat temperature is reached, an audible tone prompts the
operator to move the assembly from the preheater to the solder wave.

Preheat Provides (PCBRM System 5.2)
• Reduced time and temperature requirements for heat absorbing
assemblies or high temp heat alloys.
• Minimizes copper dissolution in PCB barrels caused by excessive
heat and dwell time.
• Minimal thermal shock, localized PCB warpage and no component
• Eliminates operator handling of preheated assembly.
• Establishes the repeatable starting thermal condition.
• Promotes flux activation.


Fast, Simple Process

Easy to use controls for precision repeatability.

6500 watt Preheater

Flexible preheat area for extra large boards and hard to heat assemblies.


Robust Construction Insures Continued Usage
Alignment System
• The system is mounted on a rigid cast framework and supported
on linear bearings for precise movement.
• Robust board carrier insures quick, reliable positioning for easy x/y
(positioning stops) and z location (adjustable) to the selective solder wave.
• Once set, the operator simply drops the board into carrier.
• The board and solder wave are perfectly parallel for uniform and complete
complete solder fillets. Compliant carrier arms account for PCB expansion.

Additional PCBRM System 5.2 notes:
• Operator loads the board and slides it into the preheater. The board
temperature sensor audible tone indicates when preheat temperature
is reached. Compliant carrier arms account for PCB expansion.
• The board slides back to the solder module to a set position.

Pumping System and Solder Pot
• Impeller pump design, high temperature bearings and belt insure long life.
• Simple design for trouble free operation.
• Pump is mounted below the solder surface, minimizing dross
• Integral cast 2500 watt heating element.
• 5 year warranty.

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Adjustable Board Carrier
Precise positioning of board/component/solder wave.


Cast Iron Solder Pot/Titanium Pump
Designed to withstand corrosive, lead-free solder.


Application Flexibility
Flow Well Design
• Wave configuration is a critical factor in reflow desoldering and
resoldering operation.
• Flow wells determine the solder wave, which matches the component
lead pattern.
• The solder flow can be accurately directed away from adjacent
components to limit heat exposure to sensitive areas of the assembly.

Application Specific Tooling provides the Most Efficient
Process Solution for any Assembly.

• Successful reflow soldering and rework is related to the flow well design.

Send your board or a layout to Air-Vac for a quick response
to simplify your process and improve your productivity.

• Customer support is critical for successful solutions. Air-Vac takes
responsibility for the process by receiving the assembly, discussing the
application, quoting the flow well and developing a proven process prior
to shipment.

Standard Flow Wells and Cleaning Hoods >
Air-Vac maintains an assortment of standard flow wells and cleaning hoods.
• Option FWLSTD includes 23 titanium standard size wells.
• Option CHSTD includes 23 standard cleaning hoods, in conjunction with
the APS option, the corresponding air cleaning hood positions the
component over the flow well. After component removal, the hood
directs low pressure air against the lead pattern, forcing molten solder
to drop from the holes into the empty flow well.

Custom Designed Flow Wells and Cleaning Hoods >
Air-Vac specializes in custom specific tooling for complex boards.


Flow Well

Directional Solder Flow
Solder is directed away from adjacent components.


Custom Flow Wells
Engineered for any component configuration.


Life of Equipment Support
• Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest quality rework/selective soldering systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.
• The ongoing technical service and process support that we provide to our customers is a major value-added component of our total product offering.
• Air-Vac has continually supported its customers with equipment, process and technical service from the initial installation. This free engineering consulting is always available with every module or system.
• If you wish, an Engineering Solid Model can be e-mailed to you for discussion on the process and the procedure solution.

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